NASA Kennedy Space Center Internship


I had the wonderful opportunity to complete my first internship in January 2016 at NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Accepting an internship at NASA was a dream come true for me.  I worked with amazing engineers, developers, and managers during my sixteen week semester at KSC. My term was split evenly between hardware development and software development.

In hardware development, I worked with the IDEAS team on their augmented reality headset, which introduced me to the up and coming world of virtual and augmented reality. I learned PCB design using Altium, and worked with the team on embedded systems. By the end of the semester, I successfully designed four PCB boards that would be implemented into the headset to minimize the hardware.


Here is a SciTech Central Short video about the IDEAS augmented reality project.

In software development, I worked with a team in the IT department developing apps and web-apps. We developed apps using the Cordova and AngularJS frameworks in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and C#. My first project was the NASA KSC G-O Caching app, which was a fun game for NASA employees to play and explore the space center. Locations were pinned all around the 140,000 acre center, and once you were within 100 feet of the location, you could answer a question on the app. If you completed all the questions at all the locations, you received a code to enter a raffle and win a prize. The app was initially an idea from KSC director Bob Cabana, who asked my team to make it a reality. Once the app was completed, we presented it to Mr. Cabana, which was one of the most memorable moments of my internship. I also worked on a web-app called Asbestos Management Information System (AMIS), which was made for technicians working in old buildings being reconstructed at KSC and other NASA centers. The web-app made it easy for technicians to find out where asbestos was located in each building, which helped improve any health or safety concerns.

You can read more about the technical details of my internship here!

Overall, my experience at NASA definitely shaped my future career, and I learned a lot of valuable information about engineering, development, careers, and life!



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