Intel Corporation Internship

In the summer of 2017, I had the opportunity to complete an internship at Intel Corporation in Folsom, CA. During this internship I worked with the wonderful test card team under PEG (Platform Engineering Group) – MVE (Manufacturing Validation Engineering) – MVS-HW (Manufacturing Validation Solutions-Hardware). My team designed hardware, completed pre-silicon validation, post-silicon validation, and wrote the RTL for the hardware. This allowed me to learn a lot about the process of designing hardware and the full circle involved in the process.

During this internship, I completed:

  • Post-silicon validation on a next generation serial interface test card internally designed
  • A test plan for the power on phase of the test card
    • Testing all ports connected to power on the board and debugging any errors that came up
    • Closely documenting the process with scope captures and voltage readings
  • Testing and debugging of validation hardware that was used with other test cards for my team
    • Debugging the design of the board
    • Loading images onto the board and testing components to debug certain issues
  • Development of a next generation serial protocol in RTL Verilog
    • Testing and confirmation of serial protocol
    • Loading serial protocol onto the same next generation serial interface test card I had previously validated

This experience was very interesting for me because I learned so much about hardware and all the opportunities there are in this field. I also learned a lot about the tech world and how companies like Intel function and run on a daily basis. I really enjoyed my time there and it has only increased my interest in technology and design!



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